About Us

Atkins & Ogle Law Office, LC is located in Buffalo, West Virginia, and has been serving the entire state of West Virginia since 1981 and the state of Ohio since 2015.
We diligently represent Fortune 500 companies, businesses, hospitals, credit card companies, and individuals. Atkins & Ogle Law Office understands the importance of developing personal relationships with our clients. We are guided by our values of service, honesty, integrity, and proficiency. We serve each client with compassion and to the best of our abilities.
Accounts Receivables
Since 1981 our firm has represented and assisted national and local creditor clients in the recovery of delinquent accounts. We have recently invested in infrastructure, technology, and industry-leading policies and procedures and are able to handle comprehensive recovery matters utilizing the legal structure in both West Virginia and Ohio.
Our attorneys can assist in all aspects of representing original and secondary owners, in-state and out-of-state, commercial and individual clients in the recovery of justly-owed accounts receivables. They also teach continuing education courses for attorneys, paralegals, and bankers in the field of debt recovery and are regularly consulted by the Courts in unique matters of West Virginia law. Experience and hard work are hallmark to our success and make our firm a time-tested law firm in West Virginia and Ohio.